Gary Lin的設計靈感來至於台北都會特有的文化氛圍,一種強烈的不對稱卻又如此柔順融洽的文化氛圍。Gary喜歡觀察都會女性在街頭的一舉一動,從情感上、行為上與心靈上來作為設計的泉源與發想,Gary把服裝當相機,將台北都會女性的面貌一張張的捕捉到一件件的設計中,不談流行與潮流,Gary只想縫製出台北都會女性專屬的那一偶面貌,這個台北是Gary最愛的台北。

The Spirit

    “Taipiei is a crowded city with multi-culture. You can immerse yourself in the bath of art and literature in Eslite bookstore, while entering into a night club to have a spree just across a street. Those who live in Taipei get to suit themselves in various situations in a short time. Every Saturday night, men and women walk out of the bar at dawn and move toward the bookstore. They do not have so much thirst for the knowledge but searching for a kind of peace after the relaxation of their daily pressure.” “The inspiration of my design originated from the mixture of Taipei’s cultural phenomenon and its wild, sexy appearance. There is a strong sense of contrast and asymmetry, while everything seems so gentle and harmonious at the same time.

Gary loves neutral shades, especially black and gray. He is specialized in designing with the drapable quality of knitwear and using asymmetrical details to demonstrate Taipei’s women’s strong characteristics, an intense tendency being unsubmissive to the bonds of tradition. Gary also made a lot of effort on the tactile sensations and the qualities of his sweaters. He also adopts a different way of production in making his clothes. He uses knitting wool as his base with the making of plain weaving to endow his sweaters with elasticity and variability. His whole design is the mixture of New York’s minimalist concept and Taipei’s crowded but multiple lifestyles. He makes his works distinctive with his personal style, and all of his clothes come from Gary’s impression of the urban life in Taipei.